ONDUVILLA bituminous tile

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3.276 Square Meter/Square Meters (Min. Order)
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Moisture-Proof, Mould-Proof, Sound-Absorbing, Waterproof
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7,8 m2 per packs x 45 packs= 351 m2 per pallet.


ONDUVILLA bituminous tile

Onduvilla is a lighweight roofing material providing a roof texture similar to tiles or shingles. It is manufactured from bitumen saturated organic fibers under intense pressure and heat. Its material composition is identical to Onduline roofing sheets which are manufactured with “High Resistance” technology and in compliance with the European Norm EN 534.
Therefore Onduvilla roofing tiles are absolutely waterproof and provide a high degree of weather protection even in the most extreme climatic conditions.

Flexible and Watertight

Onduvilla is watertight at hot and cold weather conditions. Thanks to their flexibility the tiles have no cracks caused by changes of temperature or freezing of absorbed water.


The corrugations of Onduvilla provide a space of 85 cm²/m at the eaves which helps to have a better ventilation between the heat insulation and the roofing tile. A ventilated roof is secure against the damages of condensation.



With Onduvilla the weight of the roof is ± 4 kg/m2 only. Lightweight means savings on costs for substructure and transportation and also means easy handling during installation. One pack of Onduvilla can cover 7.8 m2. This surface is more than the double of the roof covered by one pack of shingles.

Easy Installation

Onduvilla can be nailed easily. Galvanized, Monoblock Onduline nails are always put on the top of the corrugations, preventing the infiltration of rainwater through nail holes. If necessary the tiles can be cut to desired size with a saw or knife.


Safe Overlaps

The special profile of Onduvilla’s overlaps prevents the entrance of rainwater or snow even under extreme weather conditions. Fixed with special galvanized nails placed on top of each corrugation, overlaps are also resistant against wind uplift.

3 Tone Painting

The character of Onduvilla roofs is not only given by its tile format but also by a special painting system which makes possible to mix three different tones of red at random. Since almost every tile has a different color harmonization, the roof appears like a beautiful mosaic, very human and natural.


Resistant Agains Stepping

If the roof pitch is not high, it is possible to walk on Onduvilla, stepping easily on the flat parts of overlaps. Also a ladder, necessary for roofs with high pitches, can easily be placed on flat parts without causing any improper pressure and deformation on the corrugations.

Cost Saving Substructure

Onduvilla can be installed on battens. Compared with materials which need a full deck substructure, Onduvilla’s batten system can provide material savings up to 50%.